Important Tips To Drive An Automatic Car

Important Tips To Drive An Automatic Car

The capital of Victoria, Melbourne, is the second-largest city in England while being the hub of passionate people. Both vibrant and luxurious person now likes to have to drive an automatic car.

The automatic vehicle is quite different from the manual one. So, one may be in confusion about the driving of the automatic vehicle. But you do not have to worry since there are driving school Melbourne that will help you in this regard. 

Some Essential Tips About Driving an Automatic Car

Automatic vehicle driving isn’t a piece of cake, and so you know that you should be well aware of the technicalities that revolve around driving one. Here are specific essential tips to drive an automatic car

Omit The Clutch Pedal

In manual cars, the clutch pedals are the vital parts. But in automatic cars, there is no trace of the different clutch. The handles are built likewise to operate. In the automatic car, there are only accelerators and brakes. You would need to follow the instructions taught in your driving school Melbourne dedicatedly.

Essential Tips About Driving an Automatic Car

The Use of Gearstick

The use of gear stick is quite distinct in automatic cars. It’s not used invariably. In many vehicles, the automatic gear stick has some indication to operate. They are like- 1 means stay in 1st gear, 2 means stay in 2nd gear, L means remain in low gear, and S means Sport mode.

There are four kinds of gear.

Park (P)

Park has the most vital role in driving an automatic car as it can lock the movement of wheels. So it’s better to be in Park while you are going to start the vehicle. And it’s to be checked when the engine off, of you, are in Park or not.

Reverse (R)

The word Reverse itself can depict its duty. To move the car backward, you will need to Reverse.

Neutral (N)

In the manual car, you have to take the help of a brake to stop your car at the signal. Here is an automatic vehicle; Neutral will help you to halt at the signal.

Drive (D)

This is for going forward with your car. In the automatic car, the gear turns into the next level automatic with the growing speed.

Understand the Creeping

Tips About Driving an Automatic Car

The automatic car has a fantastic system. When you are in the Drive, the car automatically slows down its pace and moves forward slowly. When you want to be in Reverse, the speed will also be slowed down for going backward. And these are called creeping. 


To drive an automatic car is so simple for an experienced one who has already driven a manual car. Most of the systems are automatic, so you don’t have to put in the extra effort. Just practice more to realize the systems only. And driving school Melbourne is with you to assist in this matter.