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Things to be taken care of before buying football jerseys

Do you want to get a customized football jersey? Are you planning to buying football jerseys with custom prints for your team or your team that you support? This article will provide you with all the essential details that you need to know about custom football jerseys. This article can be your guide when you plan on purchasing your customized football jersey.

Is a daunting task when it comes to customizing football jerseys. You can get in touch with a professional jersey designer who can help you in designing and creating your favorite custom football jerseys. But before you approach them for your customization here are some of the things that you need to take care of when buying a customized football jersey.

Material or fabric

When on the fields, players are filled with great zeal and enthusiasm and lots of energy, therefore the material that you select should be comfortable as well as sturdy that the wear and tear in case the player falls on the field.


Color should be unique and different from your office in a team and such that it catches the eye of the spectators. The color of your shoes becomes The Identity of your team by choosing the perfect color. This also can be applicable for the team sports uniforms that it should be eye-catchy in design and color.

Design and printing

If you have any specific design or pattern in your mind you can present it to your jersey designer and creator and if not you can rely on them and get a unique customized special design for you or your team members. The print can either be a normal fabric print or rubber print which lasts much longer.

How to take care of your customized Football Jerseys?

Your customized football jersey will always be close to your heart. You surely cannot just dump it along with your other dirty clothes. It needs special care. Here are a few of the instructions for washing and storing your football jerseys following them will they last for long.

  • Avoid washing within 3-4 days of the printing.
  • Make sure that you always wash your football jerseys separately.
  • When washing you should always turn it inside out, this would prevent any damage to the jersey print.
  • Always use mild detergents for washing your customized football jersey. You should avoid using powder detergent and rather use washing liquids.
  • You should preferably hand wash the jerseys or use the delicate fabric mode for washing in your washing machine.
  • For drying do not put it in under direct sunlight now you have to tumble dry your jersey.
  • For iron always I am on the inside Out of the surface and not directly on the printed surface as this way damages the print.
  • For storing, always keep them separately, not along with your regular clothes. keep them away from moisture.


These are some of the important things that you need to take care of when it comes to buying custom football jerseys. The tips for washing and storing your favorite jerseys will surely prove to be handy for custom football jersey owners.