Four mistakes that can ruin your Online Reputation

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Nowadays, bad reviews about a product have the potential to affect your business. For small businesses, bad reviews are becoming a nightmare that lowers their sales. The internet empowers people to share their opinions without any hesitation. Do not overlook the online threats that can harm your company’s reputation online. Negative reviews, BBB complaints, or plain-and-simple bad PR are some of the common online threats. 

Hiring profile defenders services can help you save your online reputation. But you can also take some measures to avoid the online defamation of your company. Many companies make basic mistakes that cost them their online reputation. Thus, here are some mistakes that can destroy your company’s online image:

Lack of Online Awareness

Most of the small companies overlook the fact that they can get a bad reputation online. But online reputation threats do not discriminate. If you have excellent products and services, your business is safe from bad reviews and ratings. So, do not overlook your online presence, even if you are a small business. Moreover, you can opt for profile defenders services to track bad reviews on online review sites. 

Build a strategy for social media

Since many businesses are unaware of their online presence. So, they might not consider using a proper strategy to manage their social media accounts. Thus, many businesses end up tarnishing their online image by posting useless content.

Social media platforms are perfect for cultivating a positive image of your brand. But, building your company’s positive image is not going to be a cakewalk.  You need a proper strategy, which can help you attract more loyal customers. You need to have a vision about the message you are going to give to your followers. Moreover, take daily updates about your products and services on the social media platform to engage more customers.

No Monitoring

Lack of monitoring is the biggest mistake that many companies make. Most of the companies are unaware of the growing negative sentiment of customers. Regular monitoring can help you pick up the bad sign for your online reputation.  However, regular monitoring can be a tiring process for you. Thus, you need the help of profile defenders services, which can help you monitor your company’s online image.


Not responding to the negative reviews and criticism from the customer is a bad practice, which is not good for your online reputation. You need to work your response to the online reviews. Reviews can help you understand the sentiment of your customer. Also, knowing about customer opinion can help you improve your products and services. 

So, graciously reply to all positive reviews and be concerned about the negative reviews. Avoid replying in anger to the negative comments, as it can reflect badly on your brand image. However, you can avoid replying to an unreasonable customer making a baseless claim. There could be a chance of false allegations about products and services on the review sites. You can ask a review site to delete them.