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Best Mobile Car Wash And Auto Detailing Van

Are you planning to start a mobile detailing car wash van? Are you new to this detailing business? Then the solution to all your questions and problems lies here in this article. For those planning to start a mobile detailing trailer and who are very new to this detailing business, we can get all their problems resolved.

There are many people these days who consider a car washing business as an upcoming business. It is considered to be an incredibly lucrative business. If you are planning to start up a car washing and detailing business you will have to have some financial capital ready into your pockets. The car washing business requires an ample amount of capital aid during the initial start-up period. Though you might need good financial aid, it is comparatively much simpler to start.

So if you are planning to start your own car washing business and want to have a profitable business, here is all that you have to do.

For beginners

mobile detailing car wash van

What is a car wash business?

The car wash business is one of those massive industries that is seen to have a great industrial revenue collection. For a profitable mobile detailing car wash van business, it will take some time and you need to be patient with it. Because it takes years to build trust among your customers and clients while just a few seconds to erode and diminish it.

A car wash or auto wash business is a type of business wherein you provide vehicle cleaning services to your customers. This cleaning facility includes both the exterior and the interior of the cars and the automobiles using different approaches like a mobile car wash van, steam wash, regular water wash.

How to open a mobile car wash van business?

If you are planning to open a mobile car wash van business, here is a quick guide for you.


You need to have proper planning about how you are going to proceed with your businesses. For that, you can visit a few car washes, so that you have a rough idea about how they work. You also need to keep yourself updated about the latest trends and technologies that are being used in the car wash industry. Go for the technologies that are more eco-friendly as people these days prefer them.

Be aware of your competitions

Keep yourself updated with your competitions in your locality. Have thorough research about the other mobile car wash van service providers and focus on how you can be better, and unique. You should investigate what services they offer, what prices they charge for their services, what technologies they make use of, and others. As well as benefits of getting your car detailed.

Prepare a detailed plan

To execute your plan you need to fundraise. Make a detail plan about what all you need the finance that is need to support it.


Before you start your mobile car wash van business, you will need several licenses and permissions from your local authorities depending on the city and locations you wish to provide services of car cleaning. This is how you can start your mobile car wash van.