10 Things To Consider While Choosing Dog Collars and Leashes

10 Things To Consider While Choosing Dog Collars and Leashes

Want to make your pup happy? Then select the right tether for your furry friend. Yes, you have guessed it right we are talking about dog collars and leashes. These are some of the best gears, especially for new dog parents. Also, those parents who go on a daily stroll with their pup, or love jogging and hiking with their four-legged, should consider using dog collars and leashes if not daily. We surely don’t like to keep our dog tied with leashes. But yes if you plan to venture into a public place or go on an adventurous trip, dog collars and leashes become a must. It can be used for protection identification restrainment when used along with leashes.

Before you decide only what type of dog collars and leashes you should buy for your pup, you should be aware of all the available different types, so that you can select the best for your dog. And this page will prove to be the best guide for you in selecting the right dog collars and leashes for your four-legged. Continue reading to know the types of dog collars and leashes.

Types of Collars

Things To Consider While Choosing Dog Collars and Leashes
  1. Standard Everyday Collars:- These are the basic collars. You can get your dog’s name inscribed or labeled over it. They are available in different styles and sizes with metallic buckles and clasps in different colors and materials. Having your dog’s name and your current contact number will prove to be of great help in case your dog gets lost.
  1. Martingale Collars:- These types of collars prevent your dog from slipping off the collar while walking with a leash on. Martingale collars are made of nylon or any similar materials available in different designs and sizes.
  1. Smart Collars:- Smart collars have an inbuilt GPS tracker, and can also monitor anybody’s changes. And most importantly it is compatible with your smartphones allowing you to keep track of the location and health of your dog.

Types of Leashes

  1. Standard leashes:- These are the most common types of leashes that are easily available at any pet store or you can also get them online. It is available in different materials, designs and sizes. Their durability test is comparatively less than other types of leashes.
  1. Retractable leashes:- These types of leashes allow you to change their length and allow your dog to enjoy its freedom as well. However, these leashes are to be used for grown-up, well-trained dogs as these ropes can cause burns and sometimes accidental strangulations.
  1. Adjustable leashes:- These are considered a good alternative over the above two leashes. You can adjust the length without causing undue tension in the leash, offering the dog owners a firm grip to control their dog.


These are some of the common types of dog collars and leashes with several combination features. You can select the best collar and leash for your dog that allows the safety of your dog as well as you.