Importance Of Translation Services In Abu Dhabi

Importance Of Translation Services In Abu Dhabi

In today’s time, thanks to the internet and technology, the world has acquired the shape of a globalized village. All the different countries on the world map, regardless of their distance, are connected with each other. The same is the case in UAE and Abu Dhabi.

With a population of more than a million, it is no surprise that every day there are numerous interactions between the local Arabs and foreigners. With Arabic as the mother language of Abu Dhabi, the need for translation services in Abu Dhabi is inevitable.

There are many reasons explaining the significance of translation. To make communication easier and to build bridges between people of different cultures and ethnicities, just scratch the surface.

Translation Services in Abu Dhabi for Legal Translation

With every step we take towards moving forward, our world gets more globalized. Abu Dhabi is a well-developed area, has no scarcity of foreigners. People come here from all over the world for business or just to settle down.

This means that the need for legal translation has become a necessity. Law is an extremely important and very sensitive aspect of everyone’s life. Let it be a foreigner or a local, needing translation services for Arabic to English or vice versa is a daily occurrence in Abu Dhabi. 

Legal translation includes all kinds of documents and files that have any type of legal standing. For example, contracts for a business, appeals, copyrights, patents, sale deeds, laws, certificates of birth, death, marriage, divorce, education and the list goes on.

What’s important to note is that the translation of all such types of documents should be done with a lot of care. As minor inaccuracies can have drastic outcomes. Make sure you opt for translation services in Abu Dhabi that are accurate, well aware of different laws in different cultures, well versed in the legislature and overall vocabulary, confidential, well known and fast.

Business Translation

Translation services play a vital role in the success of any business, especially a global business. It is common in Abu Dhabi for people to start up an online business or any business creating the possibility for locals to interact with people of different cultures and vice versa. Here translation services in Abu Dhabi play a significant role.

For the purpose of conversing with new customers as well as the pre-existing ones, translation is the glue. Then the customer satisfaction, the probability of a customer making another purchase, how the reviews and problems of customers are being relayed to the owners all depend on the capability of the translation services hired.

When you have hired translation services for your business, you can also advertise to different countries, gaining a larger audience as your customers. This is especially useful for online businesses. You can also make your product more diverse and culturally versatile and have the chance to make it famous internationally. All these factors are surely going to give a boost to your sales and hence improve your business.

Medical Translation

Medical translation is of great importance for people residing in Abu Dhabi. Most of the doctors in the hospital as well as the other medical staff, are foreign and hence there are some barriers when it comes to communication between medical staff and patients.

Translation services in Abu Dhabi that provide medical translation should have a prompt knowledge of both the language which is being translated and medical terms.

There are numerous benefits of providing a translation of medical-related material. Patients can fully understand the procedure they’re going through by their medical staff regardless of their ethnicities. There will not be any misunderstanding between the doctor and patient, ensuring correct prescription of medicine.

It is very important that the translation services hired for this purpose are highly accurate and well known as even a small mistake can cost someone their life. Wrong prescriptions by the doctor or incorrect explanation of symptoms by the patient due to language barriers or incorrect translation can also lead to catastrophic results. 

Moreover, it is also important that the translation services hired should be available 24/7 and should be fast as a medical emergency can arise at any time.

Translation to Promote Tourism

It is no surprise that every country depends on tourism as a big contributor to its annual income. It is no different for UAE and Abu Dhabi as well.

Let it be the mosques such as Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque formed in antique Macedonian marble, well known for its historic yet modern representation of Islamic architecture or its historical museums such as Louvre Abu Dhabi, which celebrates the artistic flare of the human race or Abu Dhabi’s mangrove forests the tourists have no shortage of places to go for sight-seeing.

Naturally, every year there are thousands of tourists who decide on Abu Dhabi as their destination for a getaway. To promote tourism and increase the economy of Abu Dhabi, translation services in Abu Dhabi can play a vital role.

Most of the tourists coming to Abu Dhabi cannot speak or understand the local language of this area, which is Arabic. In a situation like this translation, companies can provide these tourists with tourist guides that will not only translate and explain the historical importance of all the different places of Abu Dhabi. But they will also help the tourists interact with the locals and overall have an in-depth cultural experience leaving the tourists satisfied and filled with good reviews.


Nowadays, the concept for students to go to different countries and study abroad has become really common. Thousands of students in Abu Dhabi every year apply to different colleges outside of UAE to have a better educational experience. Here translation services can prove to be of great use.

They can translate several documents related to education such as transcripts, visas, teach recommendations, etc.

To summarize everything, translation services in Abu Dhabi are of great importance not only to the locals of Abu Dhabi but also to the foreigners living here. They can help improve the cultural knowledge and the overall economy of the country.