What You Can Expect From a Fire Alarm System Inspection?

Fire alarm system are an important part of your business infrastructure. They help you ensure the safety of people and the property by alerting the authorities right time. Playing such an elaborate  role, it is important to not miss the inspection of your fire alarm system and have a fire alarm system report, to know your fire alarm system is working fine.

Fire safety inspection is an essential procedure that you must conduct at your building. To know your fire alarm system is working must be your primary concern. For increasing the fire safety of your office, building and schools, you must regulate the fire inspection of your building and work on the issues mentioned in your fire alarm system report

Fire inspection reveal if your building is safe from fire or not, and it would be helpful for you to learn how does the fire inspection work. 

How to be prepare for a Fire Alarm Inspections

Fire alarm inspection is not always in a list of top priorities for many businesses. The reason is many people believe the inspection would be a disruption in the working of the organization. But, one must realize the momentary disruption is nothing when compared to the permanent damage you might face in case of fire  alarm malfunction. 

So, here is how you can be prepared for the fire inspection.

  • Know few things about fire inspection
  • Time it takes to inspect your building 
  • What your employees need to know

What fire inspection include?

Before beginning the fire inspection the fire safety technician, make fire department aware about the ongoing inspection. To check the fire alarm at your facility, fire technician might provoke the false alarm. That’s the reason fire department must know about the ongoing inspection beforehand. 

When the Technician reach at your facility, the fire safety technician will conduct some test and ensure all the fire safety alarms are working fine. All the component of fire safety will be checked that includes your fire exits, fire alarm, fire doors, and fire elevator.

Here is list of things that fire technician is going to inspect to provide you fire alarm system report:

  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Batteries
  • Output relays and activations
  • Low-pressure alarms
  • Annunciators and zones
  • Flow switches
  • Tamper switch
  • Supervised control valves and switches

The fire technician make sure if the all NFPA services and condition met by your fire safety system. Another part of the job of fire technician is to make sure your fire safety system is not compromising your safety and all the component are working in perfect harmony. 

Time require for fire alarm inspection and test

The fire inspection process depends on the size of your facility. Bigger the facility more will be the inspection time. To be precise, smaller fire system in contained facility might take about one hour for inspection. But the complex fire safety system can take up to few days. The complex system includes large facilities, multiple building. 

What your employees should know about fire inspection?

Your employees must know about the fire drill procedure. Employees must be made aware about the inspection of facility.