The power of “Thank you”

Thank you for what is around you, no matter how bad it is. Just you know where to thank You will become the happiest person in the world.

Thank you for everything that is around us. You will find that you will be the happiest person in the world.

True happiness means Happiness that occurs in the depths of the mind

The pressure, the molestation, the anger is only a matter of Entered the evil moment

When you choose not to think about negative things, bad things, you have to think positively, think about the good things always.

You might think You are nothing good in life. You are wrong

You should thank the father and mother who can bring you to life on this planet. Although some people in this world do not even have parents

You should appreciate the food you eat every day, even though some people on the planet now may not even have food to eat.

You should thank the clothes. That is for you to wear it Because many people are not genuine, but the shirt will wear it even

Thanks to the old sedan, because at least it is available to drive at rain.

Thanks motorbike That at least makes you Can ride on the road, get around quickly, do not have to wait for a car

Thank you, because at least you do not have to pay for fuel, do not walk.

Thank you, the house that is like my sister is the place to sleep.

This is just an example of gratitude if you think you are unhappy. There is no story that we have to thank. Let you try to look back. Millions of people without opportunities Even though there are good things A little bit of their lives. See, you know how lucky you are.

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