Sleep pressure

Sleep pressure
Research and studies about sleep have been occurring for a long time. French scientists have tried to prevent dogs from sleeping for 10 days, then sucking liquid from the dogs’ brains. Then injected into the brains of other dogs Who has slept normally And causes the dog to sleep immediately In liquid substances, there are things that make animals sleepy. Researchers call it Hypnotoxin.

The effort of finding Hypnotoxin has found that there are many substances related to sleep, such as Adenosine.

Researchers at the Institute of Sleep in Japan Studied and observed over 8000 mice and discovered that sleep pressure or sleep cravings That is increasing If being alert for a long time But for me, the researchers removed some brain cells Causing the desire of this group of mice to not increase

Sleep pressure is the body’s response to sleeping. Things that affect sleep cravings, such as sleep deprivation, if not sleeping for a long time, will make you want to sleep more. Light makes sleep more difficult in the dark. Body fatigue If the body is not tired enough, it will not want to sleep. The sound also affects the desire for sleep. Loud noise makes sleep difficult

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