Don’t rely on giving up

Don’t rely on giving up Until the last moment really When I studied when I encountered problems from studying Whether it is a problem, can not solve the problem. Or fixed and still stuck the problem I will gradually solve it. Not once Not twice I still do not give up. Gradually, I think. I accept that the pressure and stress I have. But good management methods are not a problem. Or escape it far But is a break when knowing that it is tired Stop for energy To use to solve the problem further

Not being able to do the first or second time, three or many times It doesn’t mean we can’t do it at all. Or we have no way to do it But we still don’t know how to handle the work, the problem, the situation correctly. The more we solve each problem Even if it doesn’t matter But what exactly Is that we start to know the process that this method works That method is still not applicable. Then began a new way until the end was successful, solved the problem, solved the difficult situation … And behind the scenes of these problems Is this material that will take us To use with the brutal foreground problems

Don’t think of giving up. If you can’t do it for the first time Or how much time Because if we allow from the first time We would not have the opportunity to appreciate the success at the end of the horizon. If we don’t give up Even if we finally manage problems or problems But at least one thing that is developed is The process we deal with all problems It is a good material for us for a long time …

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